This year we will be trialling the use of an RFID cashless system provided by Playpass. This will take the form of a wristband that you will wear during the event that can be pre-loaded and topped up. 

Your RFID wristband will be accepted at all points of sale. Bank card payments will not be accepted anywhere at the event except at the designated onsite top up stations. Wristbands will be issued to you when you arrive at the event.

Our primary reason for moving towards cashless is, of course, safety! After the past year, safety has been, and continues to be paramount when planning all of our events. Cashless systems allow you to minimise contact, avoid handling cash and vastly reduces transaction times/queues.

However, we are always looking to innovate and find new ways to improve customer experience.

By setting up a cashless account in advance there are many significant benefits which we hope you’ll love:

  • Adding funds in advance
  • Setting automatic top ups
  • Visibility of all transactions
  • Downloadable receipts
  • Ability to log in from any device to top up/view your transactions
  • Distribute funds to other members of your group (e.g. kids)
  • Replacement wristbands available if you lose yours, with your balance intact!
  • Automatic refunds available
  • No fees charged on any amounts added to your cashless balance & wristband

It is not necessary to set up a cashless top up account in advance online though and patrons may use the walk-in top up station to add money to their wristband using debit or credit cards.

Residual balances for customers who have registered online will be automatically refunded on the Tuesday following your respective weekend event. Persons who top up onsite only and do not register online, will be required to submit a residual funds refund request after the event.

A £1.00 processing fee will be deducted from all refund requests.

All patrons who have not registered for an online top up account will not get an automated refund. In such cases patrons will have 14 days from your respective departure day (the Monday after your respective weekend) to claim refunds online.

To claim any residual funds post event patrons will be required to register an online account and bank details for the refund. No cash refunds can be offered. Funds may be spent in full on site, shared with others as part payment towards goods and services from multiple cashless IDs / wristbands, thus avoiding the need to claim refunds!