As anyone who has attended our beloved events Shambala and Starry Skies will know, sustainability and green practices have long been imbedded at every level of what we do. Camp Kin, like all our other events, will have the same strict sustainability standards in place, meaning you can camp with us in good conscience!

We’re so proud of the industry-leading and award-winning environmental policies we’ve developed over the years. Camp Kin is an exciting opportunity for us to push even further with delivering truly sustainable events. We’re using the opportunity that such a small scale event presents to test out some initiatives we’ve not yet tried at Shambala.

Have a read about what initiatives we’ve got at Camp Kin to make it as low impact as possible…

Completely disposables free

Our aim (Covid-allowing) is for Camp Kin to be completely free of disposables – this means no disposable/single use packaging is sold on site.

Reusable Cup Scheme

Working with brilliant organisations like RAW and Refresh West, we’ve long had reusable bar cup systems in place. Rather than disposable plastic or paper cups, we operate a reusable bar cup system. People pay a one-off £1 levy when they buy their first drink and then get a fresh cup when they return their cup to the bar. After the festival all the dirty cups are taken to an industrial washing facility to be cleaned and reused for other events. Many lifecycle analyses find that reusable plastic bar cups used 3 times have a lesser environmental impact than a typical single-use cup despite the transportation and washing impacts.

Bring A Bottle Scheme

We don’t sell plastic water bottles at any of our events (and haven’t done since 2013). So, please bring your own bottle and make use of the many water points dotted around the campsite and at the bar.

100% renewable power

Removing ourselves from reliance on Fossil Fuels is a key aim of ours, and we’re excited to be in a position to run the whole of Camp Kin on renewable energy!

On site there will be no diesel generators, instead we will use 100% solar and battery (using the grid connection in the barn). All our buggies will be electric and all lighting will be LED.

Meat & Fish Free & Regenerative Sourcing

As with Shambala, the whole of Camp Kin will be Meat & Fish Free, following the resounding evidence that this dramatically reduces the environmental impact of any event. You can read more about why our traders and camp shop will be veggie via our Sustainability page . Campers are of course welcome to bring their own supplies if three days without a sizzling sausage on the camp stove sounds like a fresh nightmare – we’d advise packing a cool box for those!

All our food traders are selected based on how delicious their grub is, but also: their energy efficiency; ethical food procurement; waste reduction and travel miles; as well as any extra environmental or social initiatives traders themselves have. This means you can really chow down on serious soul food that’s good for your belly and the planet. We’ll be striving to offer food that is as organic and seasonal as is possible. The same goes for the ethical array of drinks and tipples we have at our bar.

Net Zero Camp

We’re aiming for Camp Kin to be a ‘net zero’ camp. This entails minimising emissions in every way possible, measuring the impacts we have had, and balancing those unavoidable emissions (including all travel) with ecolibrium.

You can read a bit more about our innovative campaigns in the BBC and Guardian.