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Do you want to help record and share our interactions with nature as campers over the weekend? Do you want to have loads of fun doing it?

Come and join our More-Than-Human research team helmed by Keir Williams to explore record and share with Camp Kin your interactions with nature on-site using our collaborative map.

We will meet at the Kin Map on Saturday (10am and midday) or Sunday (10am). Come alone or in a group and be ready to move around the site. When we meet, we will discuss what we will do, get into teams, and learn how to use the More Than Human research kits. We’ll then set off across the site to find, explore and record our interactions with nature in teams. We’ll reconvene at the Kin Map after an hour to discuss, share and choose material to add to the map. Over the weekend, you can keep adding to the map. We are aiming to create a giant map to share with the campers on the following weekend.

What does ‘more-than-human’ mean? A more-than-human approach understands the world as being built by more than just people’s nature, place, emotion, history, creativity, senses, etc. We’ll using this unique opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies Shambala site, up close, to see what other forces and creatures shape this glorious patch of landscape.

Note: Smaller humans under 16 need to be accompanied by someone over 16.