Wknd 2 & 3: Ash Mandrake

 “It’s as if a woodland sprite has come to life, or an oak tree has walked in, tuned up and started sharing its mysteries. Collectively you are hypnotised.” – The Tower of Song

Ash Mandrake has been touring with his one man show since 2008 bringing his original blend of music, story, comedy, theatrical millinery and fun to venues throughout the UK. 

The Ash Mandrake act incorporates loop machines, stories and comedy. He designs his own double-neck guitar, hats and costumes. Kind of folk rock, kind of a hundred other things smushed together, but always imaginative, unique and brave. 

“Somebody stole and spliced the DNA of Robin Williams, Arthur Brown, and Captain Beefheart. There is no other way to describe or explain Ash Mandrake. A modern troubadour, complete with hats and traveling van.” – Greenmantle 

“Imagine The Mighty Boosh as a one man show, being taken to a time of folklore, rock, dragons and bank managers, but actually being able to sing and play the instruments (and minus Bollo and Naboo). You would then have this great act.” – Tamsin Porter